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Card Workshop: Pillars of Civilization

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Cliff Rock Sailing.png

Above is the current card design for the Vision cards in Pillars of Civilization. This includes more of the key words (in purple) that are going to describe many of the options on cards. This will increase flavor and depth that cards have in relation to one another. The power of the card is seen right under the pillar type (blue government building) noted by the fists. This was influenced by 40k War Hammer's Conquest shield placement on the cards - much better than numbers. And finally, symbols for things like resources (black diamond within text) and territories (purple circle within text) are being added to reduce the amount of space so that the maximum amount of text can reside in the option box.

This is a Government card aimed at preventing philosophers from discovering your land as well as harassing with pirates if your deck has any pirate units. Cheap and powerful if you wish to create a civilization that has a dark past of dirty pirates.

Let me know what you think!

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I really like the formatting

I really like the formatting as a whole. The image shape is geometrically interesting, though I do find myself wanting some kind of symbol in the bottom right of the image to justify/balance it.

What's the wreath in the top left? Victory points? It feels like its style/color scheme (as well as that of the number) don't quite match the rest of the card.

I'd also love to see the card name a little bit bigger, but that might just be that it's current font feels somewhat cramped by style.

All in all, I think it's a fantastic looking card! I love the feel of the two text bodies being separated by the 'tabs' that almost makes it feel like you're going through a filing cabinet.

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