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Changes in the manual

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Well, there is no sub forum for manuals.
So I put this here. If it belongs somewhere else; sorry.

Every player likes examples of how to play.
Especially if there are a lot of rules that could come into play at once.

Now, a lot of rules have been added lately, not all where covered. My manual is getting long and sort of non-orderly.

- However, would it be smarter to continue with providing players with new examples for each rule?
- Or making one example that treats all the rules as if it could occur in the game?

- Perhaps both? First all the individual examples. Then 1 complete overview again (including a mention of the individual examples that where left out).

The things I (need to) or (can) cover in 1 example are mostly:


Dice rolls when...
- Terrain debris blocks view.
- 2 Terrains with debris share a blocked view.
- Squad decides to hide or fight if standing still. Moving through debris means automatically "hide".
- Accuracy.
- Intercepting a moving squad. (Goes with moving together)
- Agility/Durability of an unit.
- Shooting upwards a hill.
- Shooting through a high terrain (impossible unless...)
- Weapon effectivness; miss, hit, critical hit.

Movement limitations when...
- Moving uphill.
- Moving through a different terrain.
- Moving through a terrain with debris.
- Different units move together. (Goes with intercepting)

What is left of the rules...
- Order of shooting.

not quite in that order for each situation.

Your thoughts?

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What about a tutorial?

Writing the rules for a skirmish game, I noticed it becoming too complex and too confusing without any explanation.

So I wrote a tutorial at the beginning, covering several "missions":
Mission 1 teaches you to walk and to use a skill
Mission 2 teaches you basic melee combat
Mission 3 teaches you ranged combat and obstacles
Mission 4 teaches you Magic

After those missions you have a grasp of the basic concepts of the game. Then come the rules, mostly explaining again what you have already learned during the tutorial, but also going into detail here and there.

Would this aproach make sense in your game?

Kind regards,

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I had missions before. Of

I had missions before.
Of course I could return to that approach. "Completely"

It is indeed better to do things in a form of "missions".
But then again, giving examples on given situations is the exact same thing anyway in my manual.

I only wonder if I should add a very chaotic "super" example to show a situation where players could look for. This super example would cover almost any rule that needs to be applied.
And does this super example go before all rules seperate or after?

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