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character sheet?

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I have been using word, and google documents, and created two different versions of a character sheet for my game, sadly both are annoying in their own ways.
Words annoyance being that making tables, they will sometimes randomly jump into eachother when your trying to move them beside eachother in a certain pattern, or they wont go to the exact spot you put it, and no matter how you tell it to align it, it might only be || < this far off center, but its still annoying.
Google documents doesn't have a very good table style either, and there is no way to tell how many pages the sheet would use, nor can you insirt tables near eachother

was just wondering if anyone knew of any good programs to make character sheets for my game. I don't want to use excel.

(I am posting in the right spot right?)

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Spreadsheets. I normally

Spreadsheets. I normally select a whole sheet then change the row height and column widths to 0.5 cm. Then just merge cells as needed

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Use Inkscape!

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mindwarper10 wrote:(I am

mindwarper10 wrote:
(I am posting in the right spot right?)

Nope, but don't worry, I already moved the thread to the right forum.

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thank you seo, was not quite sure where to post this
and thank you others for your comments, I found what I needed from, but thank you anyways!

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What did you find?

I read you find a way to solve your predicament in

Can you tell me what software are using?? or is a premade sheet.

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Adobes Indesign is the best program I've worked with in designing character sheets. It costs ALOT though...
But combined with the probably even more expansive Photoshop, you can do anything.

Here is a small taste, a sheet that I made for my Nosferatu (Vampire: The Requiem)

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