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Cheap Plastic Miniatures?

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Hey guys, I'm working on a miniatures warfare game in a medieval setting. However, I'm having a lot of trouble finding cheap miniatures to use for a prototype. I need three types of units (Footmen, Archers, Knights), in 4 different colours (one for each player). Does anyone know where I can get some? I probably need ~30 miniatures per player.

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You might look into resin.

You might look into resin. But you also should consider scaling down the figures. That might help.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not actually looking to have custom pieces manufactured (yet)...just wondering if anyone's seen some sort of bulk stock miniatures. Like RISK-sized in large-ish quantities.

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Alternative came to mind when I read your post - I've not looked in detail but they have a very wide selection.

If you can get away with simpler alternatives, you can buy wooden shapes (cubes, discs and cones) en masse in their accessories section?

Evil ColSanders
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If you don't mind putting

If you don't mind putting them together,(or painting them) you can look at WARLORD GAMES brand of plastic miniatures.

I think perry miniatures and warlord are working together.

30 bucks will get you a LOT of models and a BIG variation. I don't think you can get better than this kind of quality for so little money. This will make your prototype POP.

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Found this -

-my advice? Go check Michael's or your local $ Stores. You'll be surprised what you find...

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