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Chinese Chess Made Easy

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Chinese Chess
THE GENERAL ( Like King )
The Horse


I'm new to this forum. I'm a guy who wants to make his son learn Chinese Chess. Why? It's part of a battle theme idea we are expanding. Chess is not just for geeks, rather it's for WAR.

I have been designing cards to introduce the game. I would appreciate any feedback on the matter.. Thanks,

I'm looking for clarity in image and content.


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I like it. So you have one

I like it. So you have one for each piece, one set per player. One thing that isn't major, but I would think about is the "arrow directional" you use. You have a horse moving two spaces, and then one perpendicular with an arrow attached, when really he stops on that square. Whereas the cannon moves any number of spaces, but you depict that with the directional going two spaces then pointing an arrow.

In my opinion it will be much clearer if you have, for example, a dot or an x for the horse's "landing position", or else make the cannon directional extend to the edge of the frame. But it looks good.

Joined: 10/27/2013
Thanks for the Feedback

Thanks for the motivation and reply. In Chinese Chess, the pieces move along the lines and not by the squares.

I would probably add that bit of info when I draw up the instructions for it.

Now, my focus is on content, and color, and if the instruction seem simple enough.

I will play around with the design and the arrows.

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