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Creating PDF problems

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I thought that getting a newer version of corel draw and getting a better computer would have solve almost all my PDF creation problems I had before. Apparently, I was wrong. I am not sure if it's Corel draw which is full of bugs and never do things right, or if it's me who try to do something impossible.

I am trying to create my PDF for the Remake/variant of Vinci I made. There is 2 files which contains first the civilization cards and second the map, scoring sheet and tokens. So far, I had no problems creating PDF for the cards except for huge file size. I change the compression for JPEG instead of ZIP and it seems to have made the file approximately 75% smaller.

Now I am trying to print the maps and I always get a bug in the middle of the file. The file does not print completely. But if I print the pages separately, I don't get any problems. So I was wondering if I did something wrong in the file that create a certain bug at a certain point. Here is some screen shots:

This is page 7-8 printed alone:

This is page 9-10 printed alone:

Now if I print page 7-10 together I get:

After this page I get en error and there is no more pages afterward.

Does any of you have an idea of what could create this bug?

I think I sucessfully printed everything once when the DPI setting was really low. Right now I am using 300 DPI. I currently using the Corel's "Publish to PDF" function. I tried with cute PDF and It printed in very low resolution and had some other problems I can't remember.


I don't know if this can be useful, here is the file information given by Corel Draw:

Name and location: D:\Eric\300 Hobby\310 Jeux\312 Jeux Publies\312.1 Jeux Table\312.13 Guerre\Vinci\Prototype\mapset01CD12.cdr
File size: 6.01MB (6306960 bytes)
Created: May-21-09 9:07:12 PM
Modified: May-25-09 11:09:20 AM
Attributes: Archive

Pages: 12
Layers: 9
Page size: Letter (8.50000 x 11.00000in.)
Page orientation: Portrait
Resolution: 300 dpi

Graphic Objects
Number of objects: 1019
Number of points: 32817
Max. # of curve points: 482
Max. # of curve subpaths: 24
Groups: 8
Curves: 279
Rectangles: 521
Ellipses: 48

Text Statistics
Paragraph text frames: 18
Paragraphs: 144
Artistic text: 150
Lines: 295
Words: 889
Characters: 4900
Type 1 fonts: 1
TrueType fonts: 7
Fonts used:
Adobe Fangsong Std R
Times New Roman
Lucida Console

Bitmap Objects
Bitmaps: 3
Embedded (Drop shadow - 32 bits, 357900 bytes)
Embedded (Drop shadow - 32 bits, 673500 bytes)
Embedded (Drop shadow - 32 bits, 3679632 bytes)

Graphic (total): 22
Default Graphic: 294
Reference Sheet: 8
Port: 12
Mine: 12
Shoal Outline: 15
Terrain Mountain: 18
Terrain Desert: 12
Terrain Grasslands: 12
Terrain Plains: 12
Terrain Forest: 12
Shoal: 48
Sea: 6
Token VP Golden: 46
Token Brown: 32
Token Brick Wall: 28
Token Pillar: 44
Token White: 40
Token Green: 40
Token Yellow: 40
Token Red: 40
Token Gray: 40
Token Blue: 40
Artistic text (total): 1
Default Artistic Text: 150
Paragraph text (total): 1
Default Paragraph Text: 18

Lens: 113
Transparency: 113
Drop Shadows: 3

No fill: 63
Uniform: 412
Pattern: 544
Objects and Color models
CMYK: 412

No outline: 214
Uniform: 774
Objects and Color models
CMYK: 774

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Sounds more like a printer

Sounds more like a printer problem than a PDF or Corel one. Have you experienced the same problems with other printers? Could you post a link to the PDF so I can give it a try on my printer?

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I had a similar problem with

I had a similar problem with one of my projects, after a certain number of pages the pdf generator would not create content and hence not let me make one pdf. My work around was to make 3 separate pdfs, annoying but it worked.

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Recombine the PDFs

I'm not sure what is causing the PDF problem. It could be a range of factors from fonts (too many causes Adobe Acrobat to crash on a Mac), to a particular graphic element, to memory issues. Its outside my sphere of expertise to diagnose it.

That said, if you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat (or similar PDF creation tool), then you can combine the PDF files back into a single PDF. Just open the first PDF doc in Acrobat (not Reader) and then insert the other docs where you need them as new pages.

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It can't be a printer problem

It can't be a printer problem because I only create PDF. I don't have a printer.

As the idea of combining PDF could be something I have not tought about. I have a small program called PDF 995 which does PDF combination. So yes I could print them separately and then combine them. Thanks for the tip.

There could still be problems after the combination, but let's hope it works.

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Ah, I thought you meant you

Ah, I thought you meant you had problems when printing all the pages at once, not when creating one big PDF at once.

Try converting all texts to curves before exporting to PDF (but keep a copy of the original file in case you need to edit in the future).

Or pass me a link to the CDR file and I'll try to produce the PDF for you, to see if it's a memory problem.

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