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custom chess-like pieces

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I'm making a variant of chess that requires some custom pieces. Does anyone know how much it should cost to make plastic pieces with the following specs?

For each of the five colours, there are 11 unique pieces; 10 of those pieces come by themselves, and one of them comes with four copies. There are three more unique pieces that come in a sixth colour.

3D printing is expensive for board game prototyping, alas. I've been carving them out of corks, but it's really time consuming and underwhelming.

Wood could be used if I'm going for Carcassonne-style shapes.

Plastic would give the most detail. Metal is just an expensive version of plastic.

Any idea how much it would cost to prototype this?

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I'd suggest looking at

I'd suggest looking at Sculpey for your near term prototyping. There are also some heat moldable plastics like Shapelock that can be roughed while moldable and then carved and finished. 3d prototyping require 3d files, that can get expensive if they are complex and someone else is doing them for you. Complexity also impacts print cost, you might like to browse to get some sense.

You might check to see if you have a local hackerspace, folks at the local one here work with each other on printing parts for their own three d printers. Going that path, you can make your own three d printer for around two to three hundred.

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