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Custom Dice on Demand?

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I already have stickered dice for my dice game, Torch Lit, but I was looking to get some custom laser etched prototype dice for convention demos and official playtesting sessions.

Besides Q-workshop are there any quick turn around (and affordable) vendors that you know of?

I have been waiting for my dice order from the Custom Game Lab's kickstarter but that will probably never pan out now.

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Well I offer, and

Well I offer, and offer......but it falls on deaf ears :)

I have prototype laser engraved dice arriving on Monday. They were on top of a bulk order so the factory just used some of the blank dice to mock up some sets for Cycling & Gridiron.

Goodness me!

Gregg - check out these guys if you haven't. Not engraved but no set up, no MOQ

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