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Custom Dice - What's important to you?

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I posted a poll on the DIY forum at BGG, but figured I'd get a slightly different perspective over here.

I'm working on a Kickstarter that will allow me to get everything I need to produce custom dice.

My priority in this is to make the process easy and affordable for the designer while still delivering a quality product. I'd appreciate your input so I can know better where to focus some of my energy.

For the purposes of this poll let's assume dice colors are standardized as black, white, red, blue, green, and yellow and standard paint colors are black, white and a basic ROYGBV spectrum.


1. If you had the option to create any custom dice design you want (any color, any design on the faces, etc), which of these attributes is most important to you?

-Variety/Non-standard die colors
-Variety/Non-standard paint colors (for filling in the designs on the faces)
-Full color design printing (not as durable but allows for more details/flexibility)
-Something else

2. Beyond the standard die colors, which type of colors would you likely use?

-Clear/Transparent Colors
-Additional Opaque Colors
-Fluorescent Colors
-Metallic Colors

3. Aside from standard paint colors, what paint types would you likely use?

-Glow in the Dark


I'm to offer the designer a choice between having the design engraved and filled with a single color or printed.

Different shapes and sizes will potentially be available in the future, but to reduce complication right now we're focusing on 16mm D6 dice.

I would truly appreciate any feedback/input/suggestions/advice you're willing to offer!

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Well it all depends on the

Well it all depends on the game but I would want die or ink colors that made sense in the game and provide theme so its tough to say without more details.

I like combinations that "pop" out. For example, using this chart here, I really like that black/yellow die. That beige/black is very unique for an antique/aged look if your game had that.

Personally, if I had to pic a different style of die other than opaque I like speckled such as this.

Ink doesnt matter to me as long as it looks good.

Also etched with symbols that are easy to understand > screened dice of pictures.

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