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Dice vs. Cards cost threshold

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I am putting together a game right now and one of my main concerns is cost.

I have two options. I can use a 6 sided dice or I can have cards printed. I think the cards are a more elegant solution; however, I am not sure they are cheaper. As a general rule where is the cost threshold of a 6 sided dice vs. cards.

That is to say how many cards can a person have printed for the cost of one 6 sided dice?

I understand there is going to be a some variation. I am just looking for a very generalized idea of cost.

Thanks in advance.

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Here are some prices from

Here are some prices from as one point of comparison (although it's print on demand, which may vary from running larger printings?).

Cards (depending on size): 7-21c each (9c for poker size)
Dice D6 (depending on size): 15-46c each (.46c die includes custom printed stickers)

P.S. My advice is to make the game as elegant as possible with whatever parts it takes. Then once you are sure you have the most compelling game possible, you can weight the benefits of substituting parts for cost savings. If you are unsure about which will play better, I'd suggest giving your game a few plays in each form.

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I can only advise against

I can only advise against dice. Tried that a while ago (using some test dice from Q Workshop as they look much better than the ones from Gamecrafter).

Its too expensive and the symbols usually suck or require and ADDITIONAL card to be explained properly. An alternative are players sitting there with a rulebook in their hands all the time.

I love dice (ex Dragon Dice player and collector), I really like dice with fantasy symbols on them. They are shiny and cool and make sounds when thrown. they also last forever.

But as a economist I'd say: Go for cards. Just cards.

PS: Was talking about engraved dice here.

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