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Diecut sheets for counters, which company?

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After some hard thinking and sleepless nights I decided to self-publish one of my boardgame designs. I have found sharp-priced companies for all the aspects of production I need except one: the production of punchout sheets.

I know that such a die is custom made for a certain project and that these cost an arm and a leg and then some. Often ranging from 300-500 dollars per die. That said, I am sure that there are standard dies available that for example have a diecut of 60 identicaly shaped counters on a standard A4-size sheet. If I could find a company that could provide me with such a sheet en better still: print on in it if I provide them with the artwork delivered for the cut...that would certainly save me alot of money, since it wouldn't cost me as much as having a custom die-cut made especialy for the game.

Does anyone know of such a company/printer that could provide such standard punchout-sheets for counters and possibly tiles?
The location is not an issue, it could be anywhere from the Europe, US or even Asia.

Thanks in advance

Andy K
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counter sheet printing option

Superior POD just started offering sheets of pre-punched counters. I haven't used them personally but their card printing is cheap and high quality (based on samples).

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Superior POD website

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I believe Superior POD now

I believe Superior POD now offers die-cut counter sheets, printed. I think Guild of Blades plans to do them in the future but don't do it right now.

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Really, a million thanks for

Really, a million thanks for these links. SuperiorPod seems to have sharp prcies. This is EXACTLY what I was searching.

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