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Do CCG players pick up the cards?

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DiazTheDuke00 and I are discussing the card text size on a CCG card template that's in the making for the free ccg

While we both already agree on most things concerning this topic we're still interested in what you all think happens when CCG players actually play a CCG, which brings us to the questions:


  1. Imagine the opponent puts a card in to play, does the average CCG player pick up the card to read it, or does he just lean over the table to read it without touching it, while it's still sitting on the table? Notice: For the sake of simplicity and this discussion all the cards in all our examples have a text that's easily readable, like the one that's found on the average MTG card, or Times New Roman 10 and not bigger or smaller. The card contains 3 to 5 lines of text, but the game however has mixed cards: Some have that much text, others less, and yet others only a few words on them. We also suppose that the person reading the card has normal sight, play the game in normal lighting conditions, isn't already acquainted with the card and that it's the first time he/she sees it. Finally we also suppose that there are between 0 to 2 cards placed on it.
  2. If you answered "No - he wouldn't pick it up, he'd lean over and read it": When, if ever, would he pick it up, if the conditions following the notice in the above paragraph are met?
  3. Imagine that the average CCG player plays the game and that he/she knows how most of the cards in his/her Deck work. The player puts a card into play, on his/her own side of the table, right in front of where he/she's seated. The card just sits there for 10 turns, and on the 11:th turn the player has to be sure about what the card text says. He/she is already 95% confident that the card says what he/she thinks it says, but to be certain and not do anything foolish the extra control will be done. Again: Would the average CCG player in that situation pick up the card with his/her hands to read it, or just read it by looking down at the table, without touching it?

Please, if you decide you want to reply then write a number in front of each answer. Also make sure you share your reasoning, and keep in mind: We're not discussing if the text should be readable or not - we're discussing what we think is average player behaviour, and not what designer theory teaches us ;)

I've been playing CCG:s for many years, and I'm the type of player that more or less always or very very often pick up the cards to read them. I'm not really sure why I do it, maybe because leaning over/across the table is usually a b*tch (I'm not a huge person, maybe it's easier for bigger persons) for my back and because I find it exhausting for the eyes to read cards on the table, and no - I don't wear glasses and yes, I have perfect/normal sight. This is not a statement about what I think goes on in the average CCG game, just my own experience. In the cases where I know the cards and I'm certain, to 100%, that I know them, I wouldn't even bother looking at them at all. Lastly, I usually don't pick up cards if I can see them on the table and they only have a very few words/values printed on them.

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For previously unknown cards

For previously unknown cards with any notable amount of text on them (so not just a couple of easily seen numbers) I'd expect players to pick up the cards based off personal experience and preference. Leaning over always gives me a rushed feeling since it's not really a position that's natural to hold for longer periods socially or for some physically.

Particularly important if said player's wanting to do a bit of thinking about the potential implications of the wording/detail of a new card.

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Definitely people tend to

Definitely people tend to pick up cards. More complex Magic cards can go down the 5-6 point font size (even though most don't), and that's not something a quick lean will give you. Further, in Magic cards are played overlapping so that leaning over won't help you unless you have X-Ray vision -- you have to handle the card out from under it's physical stack of overlapping cards.

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Picking up cards

Not to mention that when you lean you are reading upside down. Now if they print cards so the text faces the opponent rather than the owner of the card that might stop some picking up of cards. Since sometimes I just spin a card around to read it but this is still handling it.
As said above I only do this to cards I've never seen before or don't see to often. After seeing a card 3-5 times it is usually stuck in my mind and I won't need to reference it unless I want a look at whatever new artwork is on it.
I'd say over all I'd pick up 2-3 cards on any given turn in the majority of games I've played. I haven't really played anything but magic but have played from Beta to ravinica and then got rather bored with the ccg thing.

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Thanks for the input

Thanks for the input guys/girls. Keep it coming if new thoughts pop up.

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When I am playing A Game of

When I am playing A Game of Throne, a lot of times I have to let my opponent reads the entire card at his leisure. I guess this is because we are new to the game; I bet harden veterans will just groan when someone says "I beat your Military Challenge by more than 4 Strength; now I play Bragging Rights!"

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Picking up cards

As a certified judge for M:tG for 3 years now, I can say with fair certainty that
1. Yes, they pick up the card. (unless the card has little or no rules text, in which case they can simply glance at things like power and toughness for M:tG etc.)
2. NA
3. No. Because players play the cards pretty much in front of themselves, they simply look down to read the card.

Hope it helps :)

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