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European card prototyping?

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I need to prototype (in Europe) 1000 or 2000 DIFFERENT cards for a game. I’m also interested in other game parts such as board, box etc, but I guess the big deal are the cards!
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you!

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When you are prototyping you

When you are prototyping you only need a handful of decks, so you won't be taking advantage of the lower price you get with high print runs. Basically, you'll be depending on POD printers.

I checked one I know: The charge roughly $40 for poker-sized 234 cards (300 gms smooth, custom art front and back)

Let's say it's 250 cards for easy calculation: 4x250 = 1000, 4x$40= $160; double for 2000 cards, excluding shipping.

I would recommend buying a whole stack of blank playing cards and drawing your own prototype for testing. When you're ready start printing, most manufacturers will send you a copy to approve before the main print run starts, so that's when you can check if the artwork and text is correct one final time.

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