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Fabric boardgame

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I am thinking in having a fabric board. There are printers for cloths and fabric but are for industrial production.

I can avoid using a big box for my game if I avoid a rigid boardgame.

In my job, I used to sell the Tyvek(R) sheet. I has three layers, one of them (I don´t know the name) is used in many other things like compresses for women, diapers for babys, disposable tablecloths and napkins, to say a few.

I have notice that you can print on that layer (don´t know if only one ink or also many inks) and it´s very light and maybe waterproof.

I also have considered the umbrella cloth, seen it printed in many colors, of course, waterproof.

Any knows about this matter?

Any knows the name of the layer I mentioned? (i think should be polyurethane fabric or something alike)


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If you plan for it, a nice

If you plan for it, a nice way to get extra use out of a fabric board is to use it as the bag for other components, eliminating the box completely for easy portability (Carcassonne Travel does this).

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Yes, with a cloth boardgame i

Yes, with a cloth boardgame i can choose a smaller box or a bag, like Nestorgames or Carcassone travel.

But in my project, because of the size of the board, would be better separate items. The main bag, and into it:
the small bag for tiles, another small bag for dice and meeples, another one for the initial setup tiles ( put apart for faster setup), and the cloth boardgame and rulebook.

The board is an hexagon of 80cm in the long axis. Has a perimeter of 8 cm for the player´s zone (to put tokens and reserve pawns). It can be reduced to reach 75cm in the long axis.

But a too light clothe means it has to be sticked to the table by using weights in the corners or glueing to a rigid board.

As it would be an indie production, I plan not to include the dices or meeples (everybody has) and also provide a cloth boardgame that may not be 100% confortable for playing but makes the game be cheaper because there would not be a cardboard boardgame nor a cardboard box.

The one who gets the game must provide himself dices, meeples and a surface where to stick the board for any method, temporaly or definitively.

So, I plan to call it "semiedition" and focus on the little market of gamers interested in indie productions and short run editions. No marketing apart of the presentation in specialised forums, blogs or webs.

Maybe, give lisence to some american crafter for he publish himself in his web, like the Print and Play productions of Mr Tullsen, or other alike.

Thanks for the answers.

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