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Finally, the Far From Home Rule Book

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Joined: 02/01/2013

After a lot of work and a painful amount of revisions, I give you: The Far From Home Rule Book


I need new eyes to look at it and give e feedback regarding:

Playability: (The game looks playable)
Readability: (I can understand the rules)
Simplicity: (I could teach this to a group)
Good Looks: (It doesn't look bad for an amateur)

Any critique, comments, concerns are welcome.

Thanks team BGDF for all your help. You have all been a big part of this development.

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Few grammatical

Few grammatical nitpicks.

Page 3 Rule 3.1 Nothing is shot, upgraded, done without AP... except when it is (AP 0) consider rephrasing

Page 4 rule 5.3 defense strength "of" 1. You wrote "or"

Page 6 pule 9.4... Why? why not just "You can't do that"

Page 11 "All two corvettes" consider "each of the two corvettes" etc

What's the advantage of repairing ships if I have to pay the same price as for a brand new one? Are the upgrades only applicable per ship? Or once a ship dies is it no longer in my pool of deployable ship tokens? I didn't find that in the rules.

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Just covering the intro story

Just covering the intro story for now.

The Mayflower is stranded out in the distant Kuiper belt. Just before her maiden voyage to colonize a new
planet, the ghost ship Andromeda stops directly in her path.

I don't understand, someone was launching a mission to colonize another planet from the middle of nowhere? Wouldn't they launch it from an established planet? If yes, why are they stranded? If not, how did the ship get there? It couldn't have traveled there, this is it's maiden voyage...

2nd paragraph has less margin on the right than the left. Consider adding a new line so that "do you have what it takes to survive far from home?" on it's own line.

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Yeah...about that.

The intro story is a little wobbly. It is actually an incredibly condensed version of the prologue which can be found here:

I need to tighten the very small intro into something that the reader will immediately get, based on the prologue.

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It's and its


"It's" is an abbreviation of "it is"
"Its" is the possessive form of "it" (belongs to it)

on page 3, when you are describing the ships, you are using "it's" instead of "its"

I am just thinking that you want something different than "Action Points". Put some sci-fi flavor in it. Maybe your AP is more like fuel. It also doesn't REALLY make sense to gain AP from killing another ship. (I know why it's there mechanically, but thematically it seems odd.)

on page 9: 16.3 looks incomplete

Is there any way to make a table on what you can spend AP on? Since there's like 8 pages about spending AP, having a one-sheet thing that's just a handy reference would be valuable I think.

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Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I will apply the changes.

AP seemed like the easy way out. Everyone knows what action points aRE. But you are right, thematically that can be changes. Perhaps energy would work. You could spend energy to deploy, repair, move, attack, shield, upgrade, utilize, etc.

As for gaining AP for killing ships, it's there because it pushes the players to conflict instead of turtling.

Thanks for your help.

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