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Finding Art for Kickstarter Prototype

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Shattered Empires
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From the research that I've done you want to have a fairly nice looking prototype for Kickstarter to encourage people to invest. However, with a project like Shattered Empires where it's a collectible card game with 250 cards in the first set, that's cost prohibitive. I obviously can't ask for 250 donations. Most artists want to get paid for their work.

My question is how pieces do you think I would have to display on Kickstarter to get people interested and where would I go about finding the art for these cards?

I do have a few people who are "donating" some of the art that will then get paid once Kickstarter is successful. Where can I find more? I've tried Craigslist and my posts keep getting flagged. Any other suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

Shattered Empires

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