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Foldable box template

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Since card board boxes is somthing that does not get sold in my local area, I am going to try making my own boxes for my board games. I'll probably look on google to find box templates, but I was wondering if any of you had any experience, with the creation of foldable box, to share.

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You might check the DIY (do it yourself) forum on BGG: - I want to say I've seen people talk about making boxes before.

let-off studios
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pre-existing boxes

I'd recommend looking at some of the boxes you may have purchased at the grocery store that hold other things. Simply look for the seams on the boxes, disassemble them, and use them as a guide to develop your own templates for the box-making materials you want to use.

One of my favourite recent finds has been a box used to hold "Fisherman's Friend" throat lozenges; it's big enough to hold a standard deck of playing cards plus a few extra bits/player counters. If you use plastic sleeves for your cards, about 25 or so cards will fit in the box, and there's still room for extras and bits for each player.

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