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Free OneNote 2013 and Adobe CS 2

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These software packages may interest you in assisting you to develop your ideas and create prototypes.

Microsoft has now released Microsoft OneNote 2013 as freeware across multiple platforms:

Also the website techspot has the Adobe CS suite version 2 available as a free download. This is an older version, but hey, it’s free. Be sure to grab the Installation key while you’re downloading it to keep it for future reference:

Entire CS Suite:

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Thanks for posting this! I

Thanks for posting this!

I got my version already, but it's good to share stuff like that.

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My recollection is that Suite

My recollection is that Suite 2 doesn't work with Win7 64. Suite 3 has a few problems. So you might look it up.

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The entire CS 2 suite actually would not install on my 64 bit windows 8 machine, but I was able to install the three individual apps and they all work fine.

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I had Adobe CS

I hope CS2's Illustrator is better at handling/using vertices. I find CS's version to be very picky and hard to work with.

I am sort of used to Photoshop CS, so I will compare the two and see if CS2 is "near identical" to CS with maybe some improvements.

As for InDesign, I never had this piece of software. So I'll install it in order to write product documentation. I'm sure it will write to PDFs...

Note: BTW I just wanted to point out that Photoshop CS2 has been downloaded by over 1,000,000 users. Wonder what that says about Photoshop! ;)

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