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Gameboards and other game related items, where to get?

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As I said in this thread:

I'm working on a game and I am wondering where you can get gameboards and other related items to put in the box? Also, the box itself and how to get these printed? If anyone can give some rough estimates in prices for such items then that would be great, then I have some idea of what kind of money goes around in this. I'm a complete noob so I hope you have some patience with me the coming time! ;)

I live in the Netherlands so a contact there would be especially appreciated.

Markus Hagenauer
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I dont´t know where to get

I dont´t know where to get those thing in the Netherlands.
But here in Germany I´d suggest if you want to make 50 or 100 copies and for 1.000 or more copies.
Just write them an email with the components you need, and they will give you an estimate price.

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