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Getting a board printed

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Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows of a printer that prints on cloth or vinyl material, etc. I want the board to be able to roll up and fit inside a tube. Thanks for your help.

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Be aware that the quality is good, but lacks fine detail. So, small text will be unreadable.


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Quite a few companies are

Quite a few companies are doing this now - type custom fabric printing into google and it will bring them up.

In the USA you have - and google will show others

and in the UK

or you can do it yourself with items like these

Crafty computer paper has some other nice bits and bobs if you are in the uk. Their 'dry rub off decal paper' is great for making prototype dice, buy some blank dice, print out a sheet of decals and apply away - they look a lot better than stickers.

I looked into fabric printing awhile ago for the same reason. The quality offered by the companies that do it seems to differ, along with their customer service. I cant remember which one offered the best, but there where plenty of reviewers giving their opinions when i last looked.

When doing it yourself the fabric used is very important to the final outcome.

For a game board, another important thing will be the finishing. Without any finishing the cloth/fabric will unravel - so you will need to look into sealing it in some way - stiching or sealing the thread ends somehow.

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Since I posted my question,

Since I posted my question, I've had some boards printed by Spoonflower and I am very happy with the product.

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