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Joined: 12/12/2009

I have been a silent watcher now for some time. About once every 2 or 3 months or so…some poor person will ask the dreaded question…”does anyone know who sells blank dice” or “should I get a patent for my game” and the response typically is…that question was asked a little while ago on this forum. So then that poor person has to thumb thru hundreds of messages to find…a company that makes blank dice or that very few games have patentable concept. Anyway, I decided to make some of our lives easier by adding a link to my website . ..(mudpiles games in the bottom right). When you look here…you will find things like: how to obtain a PROTOTYPE, copyright, game manufacturers, distributors, blank cards, wooden pieces for games, plastic pieces for games, packaging , designers, artist, etc. The idea is to have anything that Gamers would usually need at a click. Additionally, there is a spot for you to list your game for FREE. My game ROKER is listed there.

I would like to better develop the section called…BETA TESTING. This section is for people who are interested in play/testing games for others. Ideally in this section there would be a listof Gamers from different states listing their contact information. Also, if there are small groups of Gamers that would be interested in testing other peoples games…I would like to list you here as well.

If there is a section that is unclear, other/better companies that should be listed in a particular section, please let know as well. I scoured the last 3 years on this forum and came up with many of the companies listed on my site. But again if there are better companies or if you have a company that should be listed please let me know.
Play/testers: If you are interested in testing games for individuals, I would need your: Alias, city, state and perhaps contact email address.

Listing your game: Need a picture (s) of the game, a brief synopsis and an e-commerce link so people can purchase your game.

I will have an active FORUM for discussions and questions on the site NEXT week.
Please let me know what you think of my game ROKER!!!!


Black Canyon
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Joined: 05/30/2009
Great idea

I can tell you've but a lot of time into this, and you've developed a great and thorough resource. But the one, glaring problem is the design of your website! It's not very attractive at all. I think most people will navigate away from it at first sight, which is bad because you've really made a great effort to assemble so much information in one place. I know absolutely nothing about website design, but if you can find someone to help you in that area and build a more modern-looking site, people will be much more willing to visit and use your site.

Have you posted this site on I think one of the most promising parts of your site is the play-testing database that you're trying to build. There is a sizable community of gamers/game designers who are in desperate need of such a thing. I'd suggest going to BGG's game design forum ( and posting this information there, but focus on the playtester database.

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I Agree!

I agree with Canyon about changing up the look of your website, if possible. The link you provided made me think (no offense) "wtf is this?" When I went to the bottom right, however, I noticed that the site had a lot of potential. I too know little about the actual website design, but your site would be a great resource if you could get people to stay for a while and look at it.

Best of luck!

red hare
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10% game info..90% ads

the mudpiles "website" is 90% ads and 10% game info. The other posters have been too polite

Joined: 08/04/2008

Ouch is all I can say looking at that site. It really is just a page of adds. The link to the boardgames isn't even at the top. The page is very unattractive and if designed to any page nowadays you have too little content to fill the front page. I hate to say but it really is only adds. I couldn't stay on the site long enough to see how much content you have deeper in the site all I can say was I couldn't look at that page for another second.
Please do something about all those adds. Most sites nowadays will have 1-3 adds on a page in a banner or side table, or along the bottom of a page. Not 20 some as the main content in the center.

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Reading the feedback leads me to...

Point you in the direction of one of many "free" flash-homepage-design-sites out there.

No, I do not work for them.
Good luck!

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