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Good Pdf rule books

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I'm back, still working on my game Redscarf. Right now I'm in the process of making artwork, as well as rewriting the rules and characters. Progress can be found here: --please leave a comment on the blog if you have any questions or suggestions!

The blog, however, is just a spot where I post my notes on the game. It's there to keep everything in one place so I can find it easily. I'm in the process of making a rulebook in pdf format, which will have everything you'd need to play the game.

Are there any really good pdf rulebooks you guys like? Free to play / print and play / or otherwise.

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I would like to see more PDF

I would like to see more PDF rulebooks that are available also in a more screen-friendly format (eg HTML or EPUB). PDF is fine for printing to read on paper, but not so nice for reading on a screen/tablet/phone.

It should not be so difficult to export the rulebook to both PDF and HTML, but I guess companies have expensive graphics design people that are horrified at the thought of making something that will not be displayed to readers at pixel-for-pixel exactly what they see on their screens ("you mean... gasp... that... people on a narrow screen will have extra line-breaks... but... but... if they don't scroll side-ways, how can they appreciate the work I did on the 20 MB background image that SO enhances the rulebook..." nonsense).

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