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Google Drive and Evernote

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These are my two go to's at the moment for game design.

I use google draw, set up the page to 11 X 8.5, I have a "template" of 8 cards per sheet, and doodle some drag and drop shapes and free clip-art. Plus can make maps/hexes/counters/etc. Might not always be pretty but at least gives me clean, legible, functional, prototypes.

I use Evernote to set up separate to-do lists for Design/Graphic Design/Prototype printing; keep the version history of my rules; and keep a design doc/diary.

Both of these are synced to all my devices and I can work on anything anywhere and it automatically updates/saves. Plus it allows me to check off some things on my to-do lists during lulls at work, since everything can be accessed on a browser.

Are there better platforms I could be using? I don't feel I could do much better than Evernote for the text based side of things; but more than sometimes Google Draw feels.... wanting.

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Have you tried Gimp or Nandeck?

Gimp is a more capable image editor, and Nandeck is purpose-built for making game cards.

Pro: both are free
Pro: each has a better feature set than Google Draw
Con: neither runs in a browser
Con: each has a learning curve comparable to Dwarf Fortress

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I've heard that vectr

I've heard that vectr ( is a cloud based vector graphics program like a simpler version of illustrator.
And I've read very good things about Pixlr (, which is a cloud based photoshop-like.
I haven't used either of them but they might be worth cheking out.

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FrankM wrote:Con: each has a

FrankM wrote:
Con: each has a learning curve comparable to Dwarf Fortress

nanDECK can be used in three different ways:

a) using its language, explained in the reference manual:

b) using the visual editor, explained in these videos (by Calvin Keeney of Streamlined Gaming):

c) drop a spreadsheet file in the main window, and press CTRL+F1, an automatic layout is created (using the data from the spreadsheet), in a couple of seconds, and you can use it as-is, or modify with method a) or b).

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