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Hello. New member and need information

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Well, I guess I will start off saying hello. I am Robert Wheater a professional photographer and designer from California. I self published a few books and other material for the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 d20 system. I have my MFA in graphic design and my BSBA (Business: Project Management) so designing and implementing and all that good stuff is the easy part for me. The hard part currently is finding a good system for prototyping, I might need to go through several phases of prototypes (three planned) and I want to get two complete rough prototypes for play testing at a local game store with ages 10-70. The first play tests will take place among myself and some friends for game balance and tournament style play with rewards at a game store in order to get feedback.

Here is what I need:

Chipboard Tiles (4"x4", 4"x8", 8"x8" and 5"x5") there are lots of different tiles and they will have art.
Chipboard Circular counters from 1"x1" and 3"x3"

A hundred or so plastic poker style sized chips with the game logo on them.

A deck of standard sized playing cards with custom art.

I would prefer high quality vinyl chipboard. It would be even cooler to get some sort of stone like material for the tiles.

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I don’t know what you mean by

I don’t know what you mean by vinyl chipboard, the chipboard I know is all cardboard. Either way any art supply store worth its salt will have chipboard in a variety of thicknesses and sizes.

Prototype cards can be gotten from or any of the other PoD card printers. Personally I just use card sleeves, it saves time,money and allows for changes to be made on the fly.

Poker chips with a logo–Will the logo change the game play? If the answer is no then just use any poker chips.

Here is instruction on how to make circular tokens

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