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Help me with this print on demand problem

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Paddles Option C.jpg

I am stuck on how to make a card clue holder in The Game Crafter.

I appreciate if anyone can help

How could I do the attached holder with 6 view windows with what material and design the Game Crafter has?

You see paddles are removed to see the clues in the card inserted in the middle of the original.


Evil ColSanders
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Currently, the way you have

Currently, the way you have it, the handles would be too heavy and could reveal everything.

You could have small magnets behind the image, then those cloud things which cover the clue could have a dial on the top (like a washing machine dial, or a cooking timer dial) in order to grab it. Cork attached to the "cloud clue cover" and a magnet attached to the bottom of the cork.

The other Idea is you'd have to have slots like the belt loops of your pants. The tongue depressor handles could slide through them, be locked in place and slide to reveal the clue.

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Perhaps a Matt and multiple cards? Or just the multiple cards, isn't that what hands are for? Is their anything stopping the players from just holding their clues?

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Being the "boardgameguru" that you are, can't you figure out what to do yourself? Hahaha...

Seriously a username such as "boardgameguru" on a design forum is like: "This guy walks into a bar..." LOL

Go custom (China) and get done whatever you like/want?! I find it's easier to go that route than TRY to limit your game so that it fits into a specific format for The Game Crafter (TGC). And BTW I LIKE TGC and have been using them for my prototypes... But for a final product, I want custom...

Something to consider!

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Can you reveal more about how

Can you reveal more about how the clues are revealed in gameplay?
I think that Sanders has offered the best advice in designing the clue card holder in layers, with slots between the layers which the "paddles" slide within. All card stock construction held together by glue...pretty simple and most cost-effective. You'll have to change the design of the paddles, but this method should give you what you want, "mechanically" speaking.

Check out this game for construction reference:

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Use TGC chat we're all super helpful and will likely have answers better suited if you want to use their services

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