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Joined: 07/28/2008

I came across this hex-map drawing tool called Hexographer and quickly tried it out. Then I thought I should share this find.

I think it's a real good tool for quick and dirty hex-maps that still look good. It is more suited for maps that need a lot of small hexes, as blowing up the image to create two-inch hexes results in a gritty image...

It loads as a java applet in the webpage and then creates it's own window to load/create/edit your maps.

Files can be saved as *.hxm (This small file-size (50 kB for quite some terrain => 36X32 hexes) makes it ideal to use this for play by e-mail purposes) to be opened/loaded with hexographer).

Files can be exported as *.png (1MB for the same 50 kB map mentioned above)

It's completely free.


Joined: 01/21/2009

If I remember, Dundjinni has decent hex support. Not free, though...

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