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Hexographer (hex map software) may be great for map creation

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I thought you may find my hex map software "Hexographer" as a great free tool to make hex maps for prototype games. It was originally created to make hex maps in the style of some RPG maps of the late 80s/early 90s. However, I quickly added graphics for star maps and I've recently added icons for modern settings. The modern icons include an infantry soldier, a tank, a plane, etc., so you could create a map and include markers for an Axis and Allies type game. I've also very recently added some icons for a filled in forest, badlands, mountains, and wheat fields. These could be used for Settlers of Catan derivatives. (Icons for forest, mountains badlands existed previously, but weren't in a style that would be good for a board game.)

As I said, it is free but there is also fairly cheap "pro" version. Both are the same software, but the pro version can be run offline (the free version is Java and starts in a web page) and the pro version has a few extra features such as the ability to replace icons or add new terrain types.

I genuinely want the software to help you, so if the free version does everything you need, please take advantage of it.

In any case if you have suggestions that would make it more useful please post here, post of the Hexographer forum or email me. (My email is in the software's "About" dialog.)

See below for a small sample, but keep in mind that there are also icons for star maps a hex-fill style (the wheat fields, mountains, and badlands mentioned above) as well.


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