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Highschool survival horror game needs photos

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If anyone would be interested I need photographs of pretty much anything of people doing things. It is a highschool game so sports, goofing around etc would help.
Images would be black and white and faded into the background of the cards. portraits may be selected to be contacts for the players.

Premises of the game is each player is a high school girl who has a random boyfriend. Boyfriends during the game will flux on good/evil or maybe even vanish. You are trying to become the most popular girl in school while maintaining a high grade, having fun, and not dying. The threats are that people may hunt you down to cause you pain or even get you expelled from school.

Anyone who would like to have some photos put into the game message me. I'm going to be putting the game through Game Crafter and anyone who helps out I'll let them purchase the game at base cost if they wish to have a copy. Of course after I have it fully play tested.

Mostly I'm looking for photos of men since I have tons of pictures of women that are my normal models.

Thanks in advance for anyone who'd be interested.

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I have found some decent

I have found some decent "high-school" stock-type photos at Most images there are free; just be sure to check the usage rights!

-Ed Wedig
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