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Hive pieces

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Has anyone ever looked into having pieces for a game similar to HIVE made?

I was under the impression that they were made out of melamine, however I haven't found any luck looking online for someone who can do custom melamine pieces. I'm looking for a source who can make malamine pieces in about 1" disks, black on one side, with white on another (similar to a reversi/othello piece - but will have images on the faces of the disk).
I'm wondering about pricing for viability of game production.

On a similar note - what would be the fastest way to hand make these on the cheap? I was thinking of using Poker Chips, and just using some labels - but there might be a better way.


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Discs and stickers

For prototyping: TheGameCrafter has 1.25" discs in a variety of colors, and 1" round stickers. The stickers fit very nicely onto the discs, allowing you to make double-sided tokens with whatever images you want. They are great for prototyping, even if your finished game is intended to use something else.


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I thought Hive (and the GIPF games like YERTZ, YINSH, etc.) were made of Bakelite (unless Bakelite == melamine).

If you are open to acrylic, I think you could try Litko, or maybe even Nestor Games could hook you up (just search on BGG).

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