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How to acquire display boxes for card decks.

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Siege Tower
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Display Box

I'm currently working on a simple card game that can easily be stored in a tuck box. I can make the components for the game with no issue but I do not have a custom way to store multiple copies of the game for display purposes. Does anyone know where I can acquire a box like the one shown and have it display a custom image?

Evil ColSanders
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Short answer: No. Not without

Short answer: No. Not without shelling out lot's of money.

Long answer: Ask a comic/card/game retailer if they can have a display they're going to throw out and paste your image on the top.

Make something yourself.

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If you are talking about reusing old boxes that might not be a bad idea. As far as having a box made that way it is quite expensive. I work for a company that makes boxes for all industries and I can tell you that just the die to cut a box costs between 500 and 1000 to make. The sheets to print in one color are about 800 dollars to have made. So yes it can get expensive.

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