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How many components for p&p?

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Hi everyone!

I have a specific issue I want to get some feedback on. I am creating a print & play game for a BGG contest, and it's basically a combat game. People shooting each other and such. The main thing I want to create is a modular board to create a random map every playthrough.

The way the game is designed, and to make it compatible with miniatures if the player so desires, makes my map tiles big enough so that only one of them fits an A4 piece of paper. Sure, there's a bit more space in there for counters and stuff, but basically it's one per page. And I plan on making at least 10 such tiles.

Is it too much? How much is too much for a p&p game? Most I've played are pretty light and small. In this case I'm thinking it'll probably be about 10 pages of other components, including the rules, PLUS the tiles.

Just wondering what you guys think or your experience with p&p games requiring this amount of printing.


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This is just my personal

This is just my personal opinion, but if the game caught my interest I wouldn't have a problem with printing 10 pages. Even more, really.

I guess it would depend on how much money I'd be saving compared to buying a big box game with lots of fancy parts. Ink is expensive...but maybe not when compared to some of the more elaborate games out there.


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I'm a big proponent of choice

I'm a big proponent of choice in software and boardgames.
You say the big tiles are meant for miniatures, but there are bound to be people - like me - interested in playing your game who carry no interest in miniatures. Can you not simply offer a smaller and/or low ink version of the game for those players.

That way you're going to appeal to more people with minimal extra work. Your players will have the choice which version to print and play.

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blgarver1982, thanks for

blgarver1982, thanks for that. I agree that unless you´re making an insane amount of components that need to be printed in colour cardboard it´s always better to have a good amount of stuff in a p&p game (if the game requires it). What worries me is that such a game might intimidate a potential player, be it by the handywork needed or simply out of lazyness.

Anonymousmagic, the idea of offering a low ink/black & white option is there for all the pieces of the game and in fact will be the default until the game is complete, where I will add colour.

The idea of smaller tiles is a good one. To give a bit more info, the tiles have spots where characters can move about. Each spot is a 40mm circle. This gives great flexibility for anyone willing to use figures, but also allowed me to create good looking game pieces. The circles are in fact the reason why the tiles are the size they are. Scaling them down halfway suddenly downsizes the amount of pages by 50% and still retain some flexibility.

Now considering choice. Do you guys think is it better to offer different pdfs for different versions of the game or one big pdf with clear instructions of what to print for each "version" of the game? Which one would cause less confusion?

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I would make 2 separate files

I would make 2 separate files with clear instructions to only print the one you need.

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I'd go with separate

I'd go with separate files.
It makes things easier when you need to update one particular version and it means the player doesn't have to download anything they don't need.

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