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Huge PDF

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I am not sure If I already posted about this before. I was gathering all the components I made on 2 page to make some color print test.

Result: 250 Meg PDF file.


I think when I made my Vinci variant, I converted all the pages to bitmaps and then created PDF with them. I'll have to recheck my archives. I imagine making 300 DPI files would be enough for a good print quality. I dont need to get to 600 DPI.

But why does making a PDF from vector graphics generate larger files than from raster graphics. It should be the opposite. Another thing I realised is that I think if you use multiple times the same texture in different shapes, it will create a copy of the same texture multiple times even if I used styles in the software (which prevent duplicating textures).

It's just very annoying to manage all this manually. For example, another thing I need to manually do, I need to pass throught all the objects in my files and see if there would not be any RGB objects to convert as CMYK. I would also need to check all the texture resolution if they were textures from the software.

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I have had similar

I have had similar experiences converting Coreldraw files to PDF whenever I used a contour or lens effect. It is annoying, as these mammoth files will tie up a printer for hours. Your options are:

1. Use a different file format. This may not be an option for you.
2. Learn how to "fake" these effects. Maybe you can apply the effects and then convert your (modified) graphics to .jpg? There will be a loss of quality, but it should contain the file size.
3. Isolate the cause, and remove it. In my case, do I really need those snazzy contour and lens effects? Is there an alternative that Adobe likes better?

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Flatten the image

Not sure if this will help but I always flatten my photoshop images and save them as .jpg or .tiff Then when you convert to pdf or print they are just the one visible layer that you are going to see, which is all the printer prints anyway.

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