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Ideas for sea star pieces

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Joined: 05/23/2015

I've been working on a game about sea stars in a tidepool for a little while now. I'm pretty happy with my solo play throughs, and I'm looking towards making prototypes to test with other people.

The game will consist of ~84 cards, 1 die, and 6 sea stars (1 large and 5 small).

The cards are easy. For now I'm using some that I printed at Staples, but there seems to be several companies that can print good quality cards for when I need them.

What I'm looking for now are some ideas about how to make decent looking sea stars. My cards are going to be 2.5" square. I want the small sea stars to be roughly that size, with the large one about 3.5" - 4" across. I want them to be nice quality chipboard, since they are the main focus of the game, but for prototyping they don't have to be fancy.

My first idea is to use hex tiles (like the ones on Gamecrafter), but I'm interested to hear other ideas. For a final product I imagine using die cut pieces, but I expect that will be too expensive for a prototype.


Small hex tiles (for small sea stars):

Large hex tiles (for large sea stars):

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