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Importing word list to cards

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I have a handful of game ideas where Guy A has to communicate something on a card to Guy B. I have lists of words on a Notepad, one to a line, and I'd like to take that list and import it to tables in Open Office or MS Word, but I have no idea how to execute such an operation. Is there a quick and/or dirty way to accomplish this?


Koen Hendrix
Joined: 11/24/2010
I think you can...

I think you can

  • Open the text file in Word
  • Select all lines
  • Click Insert > Table > Insert Table

Now each line is one cell in a long table. Add columns as required.

Alternatively, if you wanted them pasted in a particular order or in a 3x3 card gird or something like that... Well, you could just spend 15 minutes selecting, copying and pasting. You'd be done by now :)

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