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Info on any UK game board supplier needed to help me get my board together...

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I have put in a few months designing my own Dungeon crawler (I know it’s been done, haha) and wish to slowly put it together.

I live in the UK and was wondering if anyone knew of a company that supplies blank game boards and boxes?

I am also looking for the small clips which can attach a board on top of the board game acting like a dial.

I have found a few in America but I find the shipping a little over the top (one shipping cost, cost 5 times the parts I wanted to order!).

Your help, however little would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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I don't know what you might

I don't know what you might call them in the UK but in the US we have thrift stores that sell used things including board games.

Find a cheap one (I often buy junk games for this purpose and it cost less than a good coffee) and then paste your art over the board and box. I’m not sure what you mean about the clips used to make a dial. If you can describe it in detail or draw a picture I bet someone here can help.

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Thanks Dralius. I have heard

Thanks Dralius.

I have heard that before, getting an old board and recovering it but being a perfectionist, (and awkward) I wanted to get a fresh one and progress from there...But if I fail to find a UK one then I may resort to that as I cant justify paying £50 delivery for £10 woth of board and bits...

As for the plastic dial bits they are like connectors that click together from both sides to allow the card to turn.

Hope that helps...


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I may have misunderstood your

I may have misunderstood your intent. Do you plan to sell these?

If not with carful application you can make quite a nice prototype board. Probably not good enough to sell but more than nice enough for testing. I’ll have to remember and get some pictures of one I did and post them.

For your dial it sounds like you need something like a grommet. I would ask at a store that sells hardware. They are usually metal but there are also plastic ones.

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They will let you upload an image and print it out on vinyl. its a pretty reasonable (price wise) way to get a very professional looking board.

(also by google searching vista print banner coupons you can always get them cheaper, but its probably only cheap enough for prototyping not production)


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dralius's question is the

dralius's question is the most relevant- are you making them to sell? if so, you should be approaching a turnkey printing house, rather than looking for boards specifically (both for price and professional appearance).

if you're just making one, or a few, as prototypes, then buying any of those "pre-made" blank boards will cost you anywhere from 3 to 10 times as much as picking up a dollar copy of candyland at the thrift store, and will NOT yield any more professional of a result- you will be applying a label to the board in BOTH cases, so whether there was something underneath the label beforehand will be irrelevant and undetectable. (assuming you use the "no see-through" labels that are used to cover over pre-existing mailing labels, like the Avery "true block" ones, or using spray adhesive to mount something similarly opaque).,, and all have blank boards- shipped from the US, Germany, and (i think?) China respectively. I do not know of a UK source, though you could check your local teacher/educational supply stores, they sometimes carry them.

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