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Inkscape countersheetsextension 2.0

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Yes! It was 7 years since the last unstable release (1.0). 8 years since the last stable release (1.4.4). But after years of bug-fixes and adding new features I finally decided it was time again. Make sheets of cards or counters or whatever from templates you draw in Inkscape (or import from other graphics software) plus data from a spreadsheet (exported to CSV).

"Inkscape extension for the layout of sheets of cards, tiles, or counters for boardgames.

Since the extension was originally created for wargame counters, the generated images are refered to as counters, except in examples explicitly about making something else (like sheets of cards). There is very little in the tool that is specific to counters though, or to board games. It can be used as a generic templating tool (mail merge).
Main Features

Two-sided counters with back of sheets properly mirrored.
Templates for counters to generate drawn in Inkscape.
Use Comma Separated Values (CSV) files for describing what counters to make.
First column in the CSV says how many of each counter to make.
Several templates can be combined to make up a single counter.
Automatically make as many sheets needed to fit all counters.
Replace text strings and bitmap images for each counter.
Toggle specified parts of counters on or off for each couter.
Set colors and other attributes of (parts of) counters.
Any counters can be mixed on the same sheet (even different sizes).
Registration marks for manual cutting of the sheets.
Decide exactly where on a sheet to put blocks of counters, for die cutting.
Export created sheets to PNG or PDF.
Export individual counters to PNG images.

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Joined: 08/11/2008

Made a new release 2.0.1 that contains:

- Fix for the UTF-8 in CSV crash (link)

- Workaround for the rare PDF scale issue (link)

- Fix for missing default value for registration mark length when running from command-line (link)


No need to upgrade if you do not experience any of those issues in 2.0.

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countersheetsextension 2.0.2

New release 2.0.2.

Fixes some bugs:

- Turns out the PDF workaround from 2.0.1 caused all exported PDF files to only show the first sheet (loops)

- Extra set of registration marks seen in some files below the last row (always there, but can only be seen if user-units in the SVG are big enough, like the default A4 template in Inkscape 0.92).New minor improvement:

- Layers have more digits in the names (e.g. 0001 instead of just 1) also reflected in names of exported sheet PNG and PDF files. Makes it easier to sort the exported files in some cases.

Not an important update this time either unless you are affected by those things.

(Main discussion thread on big:

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