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Introducing Squib: A Ruby DSL for prototyping games

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Hi everyone, I've just put out another release of my pet open source project called Squib.

Squib is a Ruby DSL for prototyping card and board games. Write a little bit of Ruby, define your deck's stats, then compile your game into a series of images ready for print-and-play or even print-on-demand. Squib is very data-driven and built on the principle of Don't Repeat Yourself. Think of it like nanDeck done "the Ruby way". Squib supports:

  • A concise set of rules for laying out your cards
  • Loading PNGs and SVGs
  • Complex text rendering using Pango
  • Reading xlsx and csv files
  • Rendering to PNGs, PDFs, and SVGs (sheets or individual files)
  • Flexible, data-driven layouts in Yaml
  • Basic shape drawing, blending operators, gradients, etc.
  • Unit conversion
  • The full power of Ruby!

Squib is based on the Cairo graphics rendering engine, the library of choice for WebKit, Gecko, Inkscape and many, many others.

The latest version, v0.6.0 is my 13th release since July 2014.

Also, on BGG we've seen a bunch of early adopters who are already posting some neat showcases:

Hope you like it!

Joined: 06/23/2015

Sounds awesome! We'll give it a look! I'm not designing a card/board game quite yet, but I'd definitely be open to it in the future!

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Joined: 08/14/2014
I definitely want to try this

I definitely want to try this out when I get home!

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