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Just Got My Proto Type Finished

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Hi My name is Bill Greco. My Wife and I created this board game for those who love to play board games or are into collecting whatever. It is a Fun Fast paced game. It is different and unique. We are just getting the game to the public now. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at

If you are a collector of whatever or you are a lover of board games then you will love this game. It is a simple fast paced fun new board game. Go around the board and collect cash and collector items like Art,Antiques, Cars, Coins,Stamps,and Sports Items. Collect all six collector items to finish the game. Whoever finishes the game first doesn't mean they are the winner. The player that has the most value of collector cards and cash combined wins the game. Sounds simple? Well you will be surprised.
It only sells for $19.95

I have to get it on the market myself because it is so hard to get into a toy/game company. If anyone is interested in carrying my game in your place of business then please contact me. I will get the game manufactured for you.

Web Site -

Thank you for Stopping by: Bill Greco

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