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Let me write your rulebook

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I've noticed that among the denizens of the design forums (like Board Game Geek or, many find the process of writing rules for their tabletop games to be a daunting task. As someone with a background in technical/scientific writing, and as someone who enjoys it a great deal, rulebook writing is one of my favorite parts of game design.

If you'd like for me to write the rules of a tabletop game for you, send me a private message and I'd be happy to help you out (as time permits). If you'd like it done within a certain time frame, or would like me to perform multiple drafts for you, we can work out an arrangement for compensation, as appropriate.

I hope to hear back from you soon

EDIT: I am fluent in both English and Spanish, and am capable of writing rules for both languages if you're trying to hit other markets.

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Just want to leave a good

Just want to leave a good word for the work ruy343 did on my rule book! Ruy managed to shave it down a couple pages, cut off a lot of excess fat, and help me find better language for things like keywords and such. I feel so, so much more confident sending this off to blind playtesters!
Seriously great work. Thanks again!

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