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Looking for a Graphic Designer

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I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for this post but I'm not sure where else to post it.

I'm looking for a graphic designer to create a card template for a card game. No illustrations will be required as existing illustrations will be used later to plug into the template. If you are interested or can point me to other resources please reply here or email me at

Here is some information on the project:

The game is called Animus, a card drafting battle game targeted at teens and up. I created this last year and it has been around in beta form. I'm in process of upgrading the look of it and creating expansions for it. Big on my list is improving my terrible card design:

This game only has one card type: Characters. That's why I only need one card template, each card will have different art plugged in and the type icons will be plugged in and moved around. As you can see from the pic, there needs to be space for art, text and icons. I also need to create space for artist credit and copyright information.

The theme is a bit hard to describe. This is a character crossover game in which characters from different times and worlds will be brought together in a mash-up brawl. Each expansion of the game will actually have different art styles. For instance one expansion may have an anime art style while another will be more western. Regardless of the art style, I'm looking to have sort of a sci-fi feel to the card templates. I already have most of the icons I need except I need to make some icons for Attack and Range. The game uses something called the E=Cube system:

You can see a brief review of the beta here:

EDIT: I should also note that this is not going into any kind of large production run. For now, it'll be a small self-published game. Late next year, I'll be in talks with Game Salute on perhaps a Kickstarter campaign for a larger production run. At that time, the whole look and design of the game may change.

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sent! :)

sent! :)

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