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Looking for Graphic Designer

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My business partner and I at Stellaris Games are excited about a new card-based game that we are planning on entering into a competition next month called "Schrodinger's Wager". In the game, a number of cats are placed in boxes that may or may not contain a vial of poison, and the players bet on which cats they think are still alive. Various player ability cards allow peeking inside boxes, removing other players' wagers from the table, poisoning or giving an antidote to a cat, and other fun variations. The player who has bet the most on a living cat at the end of a round receives a victory point for that cat. The game has gone through much playtesting and we think that it is unique and fun enough to be recognized in the competition and then proceed to land a publication deal, but we need equally fun graphics in order to get us there. Here is what we need:

- Illustrations of 10 different cat types (cartoon-like)
- Illustrations of 10 specific items to appear on player cards
- Illustration for our "box" cards
- Illustration to appear on the victory point tokens
- Illustration to appear on the game packaging

We could put together some decent graphics from publicly-available, royalty-free images, but in my view I'd rather start a lasting relationship with a new graphic designer who is just getting started themselves. When we pitch our game to publishers, we will ensure that the name of the graphic designer is included and, upon making a deal, request that the publisher consider using the designer if they like their work.

Our small company has two dozen board and card game designs, and we will be focusing on four or five at a time from concept through publication. I want to stress that we'd really like to develop a relationship with a graphic designer to help meet our design needs going forward.

If you're interested in helping us out, respond here or send me a message and we can talk about it. Thanks!

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