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Looking for printer

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Hello all,

I've been searching for some time for a specific thing I'd like to impliment in my "A Court of Kings" GDS from month ago or so.

Instead of a deck of scenario cards, I'd like all the scenarios to be neatly bound in a book for convience and thematical feel - like a ledger.

But that isnt the hard part, I'd also like to put the score keeping sheets bound into the book as well. These should probably be perforated so players can remove them from the book.

Also, for packaging purposes, the 15 agenda cards should be able to be put into the book as well. Besides making the agendas a seperate page and perforate those as well, i was thinking maybe to have a pocket of something to hold the cards.

So that is my dilema, I cannot find a printer capable of doing what I am looing to do.

Any ideas?


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Board Game Design Com or Mike is the owner and awesome to work with. Wes does there quotes etc.. I'm not 100% they can do what you need but I'd give them a shot. Out of Nevada
1-775-751-8989 or 1-775-751-3535

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To be specific...

This type of request can be handled by ANY local printer. If you live in a town with an industrial section, you could drive around and simply ask if someone knows of a local printer. Why you ask? Because almost ALL companies will be dealing with a local printer to print their "stuff" whatever it is.

From there, you can make your way to that printer and ask to speak to a sales person. They will be able to help to take the idea you want into a finished product. But this is NOT China, it's the USA. In my case Canada. And as such local printers are rather expensive...

But guaranteed they will be able to DO whatever you want... I know I have dealt with local printers and they've showed me their entire operation. And they can do it all...

The only question is "How much?" That's the real interesting part!

Update: When I made my first game "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)", I had made 10,000 boosters at a local printer. The cost was a staggering $10k. Had I had the same quantity made in China, it would have cost me only $1k...

So you really need good planning when you are thinking about producing something. Sometimes you can get lucky and the printer is just a go-between a shop in China. Meaning they have sales offices in the USA - but all their manufacturing is done in China.

But there's an example of how China makes a BIG difference in the equation...

Update #2: If you are willing to drop a $1k order at a local printer - I'm sure they would do your request. Make a bunch of prototype or proofs of what it is you want to make.

That get's you the prototypes - and then it's a matter to deal with China for a production order...

Because the price difference is so remarkable - I seriously doubt you will want the order to be made in the USA. Of course I could be wrong. But just basing myself on the numbers - a few USA prototypes and finding a manufacturer in China for final production, seems like the most likely course of action.

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