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Looking for the right sized cloth bags.

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So I ordered some cloth bags for making prototypes with and they are a bit to small to use. I mean they work but they are not standard. I'm wondering if anyone has some spare bags or knows of a good place to order 10 or so bags from that will be seen as standard sized and material bags for a board game where you draw items from the bag randomly.

So they can not be see through obviously. This seems to be an issue with most bags I find online.

Can anyone help, or point me in the right direction?

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Here's what I got...

Click on the TOP, "Catalog 21", then click on Page #4.

You should see a *bunch* of different dice bags of different colours and sizes. They also have cups - but I don't think that's what you want! :P

Hope that helps!

Googling: Search for "Dice bags"

Here is a link to a RETAILER of dice pouches or bags:

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I have made tons of bag in my

I have made tons of bag in my life (all my video game consoles are bagged) and I could say that it is relatively easy to do by yourself if you have a minimum of sewing skills. Still, if you need large quantities and do not have a sewing machine it could take much more time.

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