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Low friction

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I am working on a dexterity game, specifically a flicking game. In the game you play merchants and you sail you ships you must flick them across the board. The problem is I have had a hard time creating ships that flick well. I have tried roller pucks & map pins as to create low friction feet for the ships to ride on. Neither worked.

Does anyone have an idea on what I can use to get my ships to glide on the board?

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Have you played

Have you played Carabande/Pitch Car?

It uses wooden disks for cars and a wooden track. I don't know what they painted the track with, but it seems like a kind of satin finish paint. It works pretty well, so if you can get a look at a copy of that you might be able to figure it out. It's also lots of fun, and well worth a play or two.

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I think it was Habba that

I think it was Habba that puts out a ship game in which you blow on the pieces to move them. That also avoids the tragic but inevitable misreading of "flick" as a familiar profanity.

For hardcore flicking though, you can't beat wooden nickels. Rampage used heavier wooden counters like that with a sticker of the monster affixed.

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