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Marbled Game Cubes

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Joined: 07/30/2016

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where I might be able to find marbled game cubes? I'm looking for a prototype - with an eye for possibly sourcing in bulk in the future.

- Size: approx 1/2" to 3/4" (use: collectible scoring tokens - only need ~20-30 per game)
- Shape: cube preferred - but faceted or rough "gem" shapes also good.
- Material: Poly, plastic, acrylic, glass... anything reasonably durable & colourful
- Colouration: dual, marbled (blue or dark blue w/ white veining). Transparency or partial transparency welcome, but solid is ok too.

I am specifically looking for a "lightning strike" inspired appearance - my fallback will either be solid semi-transparent/transparent blue cubes (easy to get) or plastic/wooden/cardboard counter tokens, but if I can I would rather go for something awesome :).

Your assistance is very much appreciated!

Garret Rempel
Tricorn Games

Joined: 01/27/2017
Hey, I *just* saw this somewhere...

The creator of Capere just joined BGDF, and that game has pieces made out of actual marble.

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Joined: 07/30/2016
Thank you for the heads up

Thank you for the heads up Frank! I've reached out to Playford to inquire about their producer.

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Fun :)

Always fun to look for game pieces!

These are not "cubes" but might work for game pieces with felt glued to the bottom side?

CERAMIC Mosaic Tiles

These are not game pieces... but for a prototype, you might use resin and maybe sand and make some of your own?

Candy Mold


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Joined: 07/30/2016
Thanks for the links -

Thanks for the links - ceramics might be a good idea to investigate as well. I'll add it to my growing list of things to investigate.

Unfortunately both of those particular sellers don't ship to Canada :(. But it's a good starting point to pursue further.

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