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Material Question

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For those of you that own the Patch (PlayMonster) game Buzzword, I'm sure you're aware that the game comes with an erasable scoreboard and marker. Currently, I'm creating a prototype game that contains a erasable scoreboard similar to the one found in Buzzword.

My question is what type of material is used to create such a product and (if possible) how does one replicate it?

let-off studios
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I haven't played that game, but I laminate things with a typical document laminator, and then can write on them with a dry-erase marker or "Vis-a-Vis" marker - which is water-soluble.

It has a different plastic coating than a typical dry-erase board, but it should serve your needs.

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Most normal lamination can make this type of board possible. Once I even used tape for a prototype and that worked too.

Most office supply type stores can laminate things for you. But any manufacture that publishes games can do it.


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For dry-erase you can buy online from Staples

Here's the link:

They are rather inexpensive to buy online - in case you don't have a Staples store in your area (is that even possible - or is Staples everywhere?).

Then all you need is a tissue paper (Kleenex) to remove the markings. Or you can use a soft rag too (no water - just the rag). The writing can even be removed by using your fingers - but then it leaves marks on them...

Best to use tissue or a rag. I find these two BETTER than the erasers they sometimes provide - because they get all "gunky" with specks of dry ink.


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Anything that has a polished

Anything that has a polished look, and is build of PP. Will do. And indeed, you only need a rag to remove the information.
I use bucket lids (not the buckets themselves).
Since we got those spare at my job.
I can cut them at any size or form that I want. Just to give you an idea.

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