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Medium Game Booklets Are Now Available at The Game Crafter!

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Medium Game Booklets Are Now Available at The Game Crafter

Last week we released small game booklets for our print on demand service. We started receiving requests for a medium rules booklet almost immediately and so we worked some overtime and are happy to announce that The Game Crafter now offers Medium Game Booklets! These are perfect for the medium game boxes and we expect game designers to be very happy with this new product! This will give game designers 3 different sizes of booklets to use for their rules.

The medium game booklets are exactly like the small and large versions, (full-color, saddle stitched), but the dimensions are 3.5 x 5 inches. Game designers can design them to have a maximum of 20 pages and they cost $.20/page. To begin, just download our templates and you'll be ready to make a high quality rules booklet for your game!

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