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Minimon Worlds

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I have made a previous card game called Minimon fusionz, you can buy from here
But now i have updated the game added a new mechanic and moved some mechanics from my defunct faction wars game so basically made a whole new game.

I plan on making 50+ cards 40 monsters, 10 attachment cards and and whatever the number of planets i create.

Each monster belongs in a faction in this case a world/planet

The Planet card acts as the players life, if a monster attacks the card directly a couple of times then it is game over.

There are 3 types of monster cards, a Defender, Attacker and Supporter

Each monster type comes with 2 icons each, 1 shared among the 3 types

Defender has a shield and a health icon, The shield is used to block incoming damage from the opponent's attacker monster. The defenders cannot attack and can only defend. Example would be the monster Alomonga has the number 3 on the shield, that means he can only block an attack 3 times, once you use all your shield points then the defender becomes vulnerable and the enemy monster is free to attack its life points.

The attacker monster has an attack and a health icon, this type of monster is the only one that can attack

The support monster has the same mechanic as the defender monster but instead of a shield icon it is a + icon, the supporter can use the + points to heal your monsters or some other special effects that will help your team

I haven't decided if i should have the supporter and defender monsters recharge their shield and + icons, maybe have 1 turn cooldown if you have used them up then either the icons go back to full points or they refill by 1 each turn.

Players also have invisible currency (they use coins or something as tokens)
These tokens are required to play your monsters, each players turn they receive a token, (max 5).

This is where your planet card comes into play, if you choose to save your 5 tokens you can use all 5 to do a special move that could change the out come of the battle depending on the planet effect.

The game layout is just a simple deck zone, discard zone 1 defender zone, 3 attacker zone and 1 supporter zone

Basically that is all i have

There is one problem though, i am no good with grammar and the monster cards effect still need work and worded properly, maybe you can help with that

Ill take tips with a grain of salt this time as my last couple of card game attempts i kept changing my game mechanics to the point it wasn't my game anymore and i discarded it due to people didn't like where it was heading and made suggestions on how to improve it which changed the game completely. I was reluctant to post the card game design this time as i was afraid it might happen again.

The monsters are easier to draw than the super heroes and the card game is not really difficult like my faction war games, plus the war card game creatures were boring to draw as i had to follow the fantasy structure of the characters like orcs, goblins ect, but with this game i can draw whatever creatures i can think of

Here is my cards i have done so far
I know my artwork looks amateurish but it is my art style and it is the best i can do...actually my super hero card game was the best i can do these monsters are from my old card game which i used for this game, i have improved slightly and my new monsters i create will look a little better. I am going for a chibi big head small body look

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