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My Current Prototype

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I'm currently working on a game I'm calling Lea Munde. I'm now on Prototype 2. The original prototype board was nine 7x10" pieces of paper glued in a 3x3 grid onto a piece of foam core. For the new one, I'm moving abit towards my presentation idea.

The new "Board" is actually a printed vinyl sheet that will be rolled out onto the table. This is done because the board design is made to be similar to an old sailing map.

Tokens are little squares printed on 110lb cardstock (business cards) these have proven problematic to try to pick up off the table. I've since been pasting these cutouts onto small peices of foam picked up from a hobby store. This is now proving to be ALOT more easy to handle.

I've removed the original paper coins, and picked up a package of Pirate coins from the local Party City. I've painted a portion of these gold coins copper and silver.

For playing pieces I am using glass beads, the same type you get at walmart for vases and aquariums.

The reaction to the game has been positive so far. I am still tweaking rules, and trying to figure out piece count.

The basics of the game is a Caribbean Trading/Pirate Game. Each player controls a ship (upgradable) purchasing goods at one island and transporting them to other islands to sell them. Players may also choose to commit acts of Piracy against other playres, or the merchant ships that sometimes come in from off the map. They also have to contend with Hurricanes, Goods shortages, etc.

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