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nanDECK 1.11

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Joined: 07/27/2008

Version 1.11 of nanDECK is available for download:

- Wizard for every directive
- New ELSEIF directive
- New CHROMAKEY directive
- New UNIT directive
- Flags H/V for mirroring in TEXT and IMAGE directives
- New TEXTLIMIT directive (with variables TR, TL, TT, TB) for text's boundaries
- New IMAGESIZE directive (with variables IW, IH) for image width and height
- Added parameters for skew x/y in IMAGE directive
- Added parameters for outlined text in FONT/FONTRANGE directive
- Sequence support for size and position parameters
- Fixed bug for IF..ELSE..ENDIF

You can read here a review of improvements:


Joined: 10/27/2008

Hey, I've been trying to figure out how to use your program, (as I work mainly in card games) and I can't figure out the tutorials...

Where am I putting the code?

EDIT: Erm, I feel dumb now.

I've got it, feel free to ignore this post. *headsmack*

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